Podbite is for Promoters

Whether you're managing promotion for a podcast or talent, you can use Podbite as part of your strategy to highlight your clients and create additional touchpoints for content on the web and social media.

Podbites play back using the links from the podcast's feed, so when a listener hits play, those listens will count the way they would if they were listening on any other podcast app creating stronger numbers to show potential sponsors and advertisers and another potential avenue to assess guest impact1.

What can you showcase?

  • Create bites of quotables or sound-bites that convey the best of the clients in your portfolio.

  • Curate playlists to demonstrate their domain expertise.

  • Create showreels of key performances or topics that truly represent your client's brand and values.

  • Let advertisers and potential collaborators get a feel for who your clients are and how they present.

How can you use bites and playlists?

Podbite allows you to repurpose content from podcast episodes.

  • Podbite can supplement professionally produced show or speaker reels to spotlight recent appearances.

  • Embed bites or playlists on your website or any platform that supports iframe embeds.

  • Post bites or playlists on social media and direct audiences to the best parts of an episode, interview, or performance. Your audience can also can play bites and playlists natively from within Mastodon and X.

  • Share the Podbite-generated social cards of bites and playlists as additional content you can add to your social media content calendar.

  • Advanced: Connect your personal Podbite RSS feeds to automation tools like Make or Zapier to automatically post your bites and playlists to your website or social media.


  1. Depending on the granularity of analytics offered by the podcast hosting platform or analytics providers.

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