Podbite is for Voice Artists

Whether you are a new or experienced voice artist, you can use Podbite to showcase your body of work.

What can you showcase?

  • Create bites of your appearances and highlight scenes or lines that let your talents shine.

  • Curate playlists to demonstrate your abilities in different genres.

  • Share insights or anecdotes from interviews you have given.

  • Promote reviews or content created by other podcasters about you and your work.

How can you use bites and playlists?

  • Podbite can supplement your professionally produced voice reels allowing you to spotlight your most recent works.

  • Embed bites or playlists on your website or any platform that supports iframe embeds.

  • Share bites or playlists on social media and direct your audience to the best parts of an episode or interview. Your audience can also can play bites and playlists natively from within Mastodon and X.

  • Use the Podbite-generated social cards of your bites and playlists as additional content you can add to your social media content calendar.

  • Advanced: Connect your personal Podbite RSS feeds to automation tools like Make or Zapier to automatically post your bites and playlists to your website or social media.

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